October, 11 2016

Using LinkedIn as a Lender to Make More Sales

In the past, close relationships between lenders and their customers (realtors and mortgage shoppers) were largely developed over a few cups of coffee or a few cold ones. In 2016, not so much. Many professional connections previously made in person, face-to-face are now made online. A striking number are created using the social network made […]

September, 15 2016

How to Get Started Selling Reverse Mortgages

If you are looking to capitalize on the lucrative field of reverse mortgages, the onus is on you to give your team the tools and the information they need to thrive. To make reverse mortgages a profitable niche of your business, you team must be armed with specific information. Armour Title Company is here to […]

August, 31 2016

Loan Officers: Don’t Forget Your Real Goals

Don’t Forget Your Big Goals Every loan officer in the country has goals, spanning the simple: “Here’s what I need to get done today” to the “Here’s the number of loans I want to close this month.” But beyond these short-term and intermediate goals are long-term goals, like opening a mortgage business or climbing the […]

August, 08 2016

Specific Factors to Focus on When Selling an ARM Mortgage

Many buyers believe that the stability of a set payment makes a fixed-rate mortgage the smarter choice. As a loan officer, you have the ability to change their minds through education if you want to sell adjustable-rate mortgages. These tips will help you succeed. Focus On The Value Of ARMs To make buyers fully comprehend […]

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