Pennsylvania Title Services

Armour Title, a Pennsylvania Title Company, is your source for title and escrow services in Pennsylvania and nationwide.  We provide title services for realtors, lenders, homeowners, and borrowers.  We pride ourselves in our top notch customer service, flexibility, and timeliness.  Our experienced settlement officers are ready to travel anywhere in the nation at any time of day to perform a closing.  We work closely with real estate, mortgage, and home professionals nationwide to ensure that you get the highest quality service.

Pennsylvania Closing Services

If you are ready to finalize your home purchase or sale, Armour Title can provide you with closing services.  Closing is the final step in the real estate transaction and involves the transferring of ownership and signing of the purchase contract.   The deed is also transferred during the process from the seller to the buyer.  If you are in the Pennsylvania area and need closing services, Armour Title can help.

Pennsylvania Deed Transfers

When buying or selling a home, in many cases there will need to be a transfer of the deed.  This will involve the adding, removal, or changing of the name on a property title.  Armour Title can ensure that this process goes smoothly by providing deed transfer services to Pennsylvania area residents.

Pennsylvania Contract of Sale Preparation

A contract of sale lays out the obligations of two parties engaged in the buying, selling, or transferring of a home.  It is a legal document that binds the signers to the terms and is necessary for the transfer of a deed.  Armour Title can help people in the Pennsylvania area to prepare the contract of sale and make sure that everything is complete and correct.

Pennsylvania Commercial Closings

If you are buying or selling commercial property, you will require a commercial closing.  The commercial closing is similar to a regular closing but involves other aspects like zoning requirements, loan applications, and commercial leases.  At Armour Title, we are highly knowledgeable about these aspects and adept at providing commercial closing services in the Pennsylvania area.

Pennsylvania Escrow Agent

Armour Title can also act as an escrow agent during a real estate transaction in Pennsylvania.  We can hold the deed in escrow until both parties are satisfied that their terms are met.  We will secure the property and examine all documents thoroughly to ensure fairness.

Pennsylvania Title Insurance

Title insurance is purchased during the closing and is available to property owners and lenders.  It protects the purchaser from financial loss due to title defects, liens, and other issues.  If a lawsuit is filed against you, title insurance will either protect you or reimburse you.  At Armour Title, we work with independent underwriters to provide title insurance to Pennsylvania area residents.

Pennsylvania 1031 Exchange

Section 1031 of the tax code allows the tax on property transactions to be deferred to a future date.  Like most tax law, this can be hard to decipher and determine if it applies to you.  Fortunately, Armour Title is an expert in 1031 exchange and can provide advice and intermediary services to those in the Pennsylvania area.

The Armour Title Advantage

Choosing us over any other title company provides you with numerous benefits including:

  • Online Ordering
  • Flexible Closing Times
  • Quick Service – Turnaround time is 48-72 Hours for Title Commitments
  • Reverse Mortgage Settlements
  • Lower VA/FHA Refinancing Rates
  • An Experienced, Committed, and Knowledgeable Staff

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a residential or commercial property in Pennsylvania, Armour Title can help.  Our dedicated team of title and settlement experts can provide you with the service that you need.  Contact us today or fill out the form above for more information.