7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a HomeApril, 10 2018

7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home

  So, you finally decided to purchase a home. That’s great! There’s nothing more satisfying than owning your own property. However, while this is a triumphant time in your life, there are also many issues that some with the process of owning a home. Particularly, purchasing a home is a long journey that needs to […]

10 Things to do to Sell Your Home FastJanuary, 10 2018

10 Things to do to Sell Your Home Fast

Are you looking to sell your house? Real estate is a tricky business, and sometimes the difference between selling your house quickly and having it sit on the market can be a small one. Here are 10 things you can do to your home to help it sell quicker, and for more money! 1. Post […]

title insurance company 2018 housing trendsDecember, 13 2017

6 Housing Trends to Watch for in 2018

It’s a complicated world, and trends change on a regular basis. As we approach the new year, we also approach a new host of hot trends and issues on the housing market. Here are six major trends that will dominate the housing market in 2018. Generation X is entering the fray. Within the next few […]

Why someone should hire your mortgage brokerageNovember, 27 2017

Why Should Someone Hire your Mortgage Brokerage?

As a mortgage broker, your business relies heavily on marketing. Some brokers would even say they’re actually in the business of marketing more than mortgages! Think about it, any mortgage broker can call up and say they will offer the best rates and best service… It’s nothing new. So if this isn’t why someone would […]

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