5 Tools for Mortgage Brokers in 2018


Looking for a way to set yourself apart in 2018? Use technology as a way to deliver better support and service at a more reasonable price for your clients. Here are 5 amazing tools mortgage brokers will be using in 2018 to set themselves apart from the rest.

CRM Software

Managing your clients has changed a lot over the years. In order to succeed in today’s environment you will need a CRM system that is effective and useful. This will help you to manage where your potential clients are in their purchase process, as well as keep in touch with previous clients in a meaningful way. A few suggested tools to check out are HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, or PipeDrive.


Keeping track of all your to-do list items can be a challenge. Most CRM systems have some function which serves this purpose—best it’s never really enough. Use ToDoist to make sure nothing is missed. ToDoist is the future of to-do lists and offers a plethora of additional features and capabilities which make it a must-have for any business—especially a mortgage brokerage.


Never spend more time scheduling a meeting than actually meeting again! Calendly takes your normal scheduling software to the next level. We all have scheduling and calendar software or apps we use; this one takes all the pitfalls, answers the issues, and delivers one of the best calendar apps on the market.

Electronic Signature Software

Having the ability for clients to sign documents on the go is paramount to ensuring deals go off without a hitch. One example of an e-signature software provider is eSignLive by VASCO, but there are plenty others.

Google Drive

You need access to your documents on the go and in the office. Google Drive, and the entire suite of Google Documents for that matter, provides an easy to use software solution and document storage for the modern age. Never have a deal stall because you have the wrong document again. Use Google Drive for secure access to all your documents from anywhere.

Bonus Tool: Your Network

The best tool you will ever have is going to be your established network of business partners. From the real estate agents to the title company you work with. Each part of your network is a useful tool to lean on, and a useful resource to get recommendations from. If you’re experiencing inefficiencies with a part of your business, give your Maryland title company a call and see if they have any suggestions. After all, there’s really no better vote of confidence than a recommendation from a trusted peer in your industry.

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