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We understand that the most important thing to lenders and brokers is getting the loan closed on time. Our title services for lenders optimize the closing process while providing necessary verification and insurance. At Armour Title, our dedication and experience ensure that your loan closing will get done efficiently and accurately. We’re focused on providing the highest quality title, escrow, and closing services ーbecause no one gets paid unless the loan closes.

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In the loan closing process, many possible issues can arise. These can include liens and lawsuits on the property involved. In some cases, the property may also have an outstanding mortgage or unpaid HOA fees. 

Our years of experience have prepared us to anticipate these issues and handle them quickly. No matter the situation, our team will know what to do and how to implement a solution. We’ll also work to resolve the problem quickly because we understand that the smoother the loan goes, the more referrals you will receive. That is why our focus is on being ready for the expected and unexpected.


Armour Title is a committed team dedicated to fulfilling all of your title and settlement needs. These include preparing an opinion of title, researching property history, and providing the lender’s title insurance. Our experience with mortgage lenders and brokers throughout the country has given us the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. 

The team is customer service-driven. Our goal is to make the transfer of ownership more accessible. We put you and your business at the focal point of our efforts. You can feel free to express or ask any questions, concerns, or comments and be sure that we will happily listen and do our best to answer them.


At Armour Title, we don’t leave until we have completed the job, and you have closed the sale and transferred the title. As a nationwide company, we make it our goal to be as accessible and flexible as possible. We offer 24/7 online ordering and 24/7 order status updates because we understand how important it is for you to know exactly where we are in the process. 

Our centralized process means that you can reach us by phone, email, and cell phone to answer any of your questions. Contact us day or night, no matter where you are in the country.

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Armour Title wants to make the process easier for lenders, realtors, and buyers. Our services can handle any potential issue that emerges and resolve them efficiently. We provide the flexibility that lenders require, as well as the verification needed for closing. 

To find out more, please reach out to us and fill out our online form. Armour Title is happy to answer all of your questions, no matter the time of day or your location. From closing costs to title searches, our insurance company team is ready to help.