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Closing Services

Closing is the last step in a real estate transaction. It involves the transferring of ownership and the signing of the purchase contract. The deed is delivered from the seller to the buyer, thus completing the transaction. Armour Title can help you to pass this final phase and be on your way to new home ownership!

Know The Steps

Steps In Closing Services


Once we receive the title order we will map out all of the individual milestones which must be achieved before the final closing date. These intermediate steps are very important and, without a proper plan and schedule in place, it can be difficult to meet these steps. This is why Armour Title Company takes this planning phase very seriously.

Mitigating Issues

Sometimes issues will arise – it happens. This is why it’s important to work with an established and experienced title company like Armour Title Company. If an issue pops up, you can rest assured we are ready to meet this issue head-on. We will get in touch with the appropriate parties immediately to solve any issues so we can continue on with the closing process.


We keep you in the loop as we walk through the steps of the closing process. As each milestone of the schedule is met, we will be sure to let you know. This way, each party can be informed and no one feels left out of the process.

The Closing

When the day of the final closing arrives, rest assured we will have everything ready. All the appropriate documents will be prepared and executed in correct order. We also offer a comfortable closing environment which can accommodate any number of parties to the real estate closing.

Closing Services Experts

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