Concept home purchase contract,Businessmen are signing a house purchase contract,The concept of selling a home is signing a contract.November, 01 2018

A Quick Guide to Different Kinds of Deeds

A deed is the means by which a real estate title is transferred from one party to another in the purchase, transfer, or sale of a property. Since there’s more than one way to purchase a home, there are a few different types of real estate deeds you can use when completing this transaction. Let’s […]

A man signing a contractOctober, 02 2018

What is Contract of Sale Preparation?

Even if you have never purchased property, you probably already know that the process of buying a home or commercial building requires more than just the exchange of property and money. A real estate contract of sale serves as the legally binding contract or agreement between the two parties involved in the transfer or purchase […]

How is Technology is Changing the Home Buying Experience?April, 24 2018

How is Technology Changing the Home Buying Experience?

Think of all the ways technology has changed your life in 2018. We have everything from smart phones to smart homes and everything in between. It’s only natural the world of real estate would be affected by the changes of the world. Home Buying Technology is Changing the Way We Buy Homes. Technology is changing […]

7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a HomeApril, 10 2018

7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home

  So, you finally decided to purchase a home. That’s great! There’s nothing more satisfying than owning your own property. However, while this is a triumphant time in your life, there are also many issues that some with the process of owning a home. Particularly, purchasing a home is a long journey that needs to […]

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