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We’re going to go ahead and save you the read—yes you should select your own title company. Now, the question is why should you select your own title company? In this post, we’ll cover why selecting your own title company is a smart idea when purchasing a home.

What Does a Title Company Do?

First, before going into why hiring a title company is a smart move, let’s go over what a title company does. In short, a title company is there to ensure there is nothing wrong with the title on the home. It’s essentially an insurance policy against any issues with the home’s title sauce as fraud, liens on the property, etc. If an issue should arise, the title insurance will kick in and work on your behalf to solve any problems.

So Why Should I Hire My Own Title Company?

The main reason you should hire your own title company is to protect your investment. Real estate isn’t cheap, and the process of purchasing a home is a lengthy one. You don’t want there to be an issue, or a rushed title settlement, and that’s why it’s good to have a title company you’ve hired and you’ve chosen. Not one the seller’s realtor chose.

Title Company or Real Estate Attorney?

In many states, title companies aren’t required to have real estate attorneys on staff; in other states they are. But what’s the difference? A title company essentially finds and issues title insurance from the major title insurance providers. They look over the title, and make sure the title on the house is up to snub. Then, the title insurance company insures the work the title company did knowing if there is a mistake they will help the buyer of the title to mitigate any issues.

The difference between a title company and a real estate attorney isn’t something major. At the end of the day, they both provide the results you’re looking for: guarantee on title. The only difference would be a real estate attorney will have more extensive knowledge and capabilities to look over the title and spot errors. Both will be insured and backed by a major title insurance provider and their legal team.

Armour Title Services

Here at Armour Title Services, we have the experience to help you close on your new home in any capacity you prefer. If you’d like us as your main title company we offer amazing customer services, the lowest fees, and the fastest turnaround. If you’d like to select us as your title company in your upcoming transaction, fill out our free quote form and we’ll be in contact right away!

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