Is Title Insurance Necessary if You Pay in Cash?May, 02 2018

Is Title Insurance Necessary if You Pay in Cash?

Why do you need title insurance if you aren’t working with a lender? When you invest in a house, you are investing in not only the property itself but the history of the home as well. Title insurance protects your investment from problems that may arise down the line. Now, if you’re paying with cash, […]

Why Should I Buy Title Insurance?April, 27 2018

Why Should I Buy Title Insurance?

Who doesn’t love surprises? Well, you won’t if you don’t have title insurance. If you’re looking to buy a house, then ensuring your title is clean and clear should be on your list of priorities. After all, an unclear title can lead to big problems down the line. What Will Title Insurance Do For Me? […]

How is Technology is Changing the Home Buying Experience?April, 24 2018

How is Technology Changing the Home Buying Experience?

Think of all the ways technology has changed your life in 2018. We have everything from smart phones to smart homes and everything in between. It’s only natural the world of real estate would be affected by the changes of the world. Home Buying Technology is Changing the Way We Buy Homes. Technology is changing […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Title InsuranceApril, 07 2018

Commonly Asked Questions About Title Insurance

The process of buying a home is not something that comes naturally. It is a life experience that comes fast, and the process often catches people by surprise. While it may seem simple, there are hidden challenges that could end up costing you money, or even your new property. Title insurance is a big part […]

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