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Deed Transfer Services

If you are currently looking to either buy or sell a home, the deed will be one of the most critical documents in the process. Deed transfer services are essential when you are transferring ownership to a seller. Proper attorneys will safeguard the property and handle any tax-related issues that occur. 

The deed is the legal piece of paper used to transfer property ownership from one owner to the next—called a deed transfer or a bill of sale. It will help you settle any property disputes and determine who owns a property. A deed needs proper legal representation for execution and use in a professional capacity. Let the experts at Armour Title help make this process easier and more streamlined for your clients.

Elements Of A Deed

An essential deed will have a few elements: a detailed description of the property, information about the former owners, new details on the buyers, and signatures from both parties. The former owners or sellers are the grantors, while the buyer is the grantee.

If the grantee is buying the land from the grantor, the deed must also have consideration or a purchase price. This does not apply when the property deed is a gift. A lawyer needs to sign a certificate saying they prepared or supervised the deed preparation. Other legal documents may include a lien certificate application, application fee, land instrument intake sheet, payment of government obligations, or any transfer taxes that apply.

For every deed transfer, representation should draw up new legal documents. The documents protect the grantor’s interests. They then need to check that the deed is filed with their county’s  Division of Land Records in the Circuit Court.

Know The Difference

Types of Deed Transfers

There are a few different types of deed transfers used in Maryland, and as your trusted Maryland title company we have extensive experience in helping you through the process for each.

Warranty Deeds

Maryland deed transfers are commonly done using what is called a warranty deed. This type of deed offers the best protection for the grantee (home-buyer) because it ensures the grantor and will defend the buyer against any third party claims over the home.

Deeds Without Warranty

These are a special instance deed in which the grantor only warrants that here are no defects on the title while the grantor owned the property listed on the deed. This type of deed offers protection for the buyer at a level below a Maryland warranty deed, but greater than a quitclaim deed.

Quitclaim Deeds

Quitclaim deeds transfers will transition ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer without listing any guarantees or warranty that the property is free of liens or claims and the title is good. We commonly see this type of deed used when transferring property between family members. That’s because a quitclaim deed requires immense trust between both parties. It often offers little legal protection for the grantor, meaning they may be subject to liens on the property.

Trust The Deed Transfer Experts At Armour Title

Here at Armour Title, we have built an experienced and knowledgeable team that can provide you with deed transfer services. When you need help with transferring real estate or with title & escrow, we have customer service suited to your interests.  

For more information on deed transfers or help with completing your client’s deed transfer documents, contact Armour Title Company today. We are ready to assist you with managing your real estate property transfers and preparing the documentation.