How Real Estate Agents can Attract Millennials


The Millennial generation is now the largest generation in the United States. Soon, they will begin to start purchasing homes. This means, they will become the most important market for anyone in the real estate industry. Here’s how to attract Millennials to your real estate agency.

Who is a Millennial?

Millennials are commonly defined as those people born between the early 1980s through the the late 1990s or the early 2000s. The millennial generation is one which grew up with the Internet, cell phones, and technology essentially everywhere in their lives. As such, they have some unique characteristics which define them which cannot be said about other generations.

What Characteristics Define a Millennial?

Millennials are, according to Pew Research, the most diverse generation in the nation’s history. They’re also the first generation to grow up with the Internet and see “Googling” something as second nature. They have the answers at their fingertips, and as such are much more reliant on technology to help them in making their purchasing decisions.

The Use of Social Media

Social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all heavily used by Millennials. As a real estate agent, you need to get yourself in front of this generation and engage with them where they spend their time. While Facebook is the most used social media; be sure to also allocate resources to developing strategies on other website as well. This doesn’t mean create a Facebook page and be done with it; you must make a conscious effort to engage with your prospective homeowners online.

Focus on the Neighborhood

As a real estate agent, you know how important a neighborhood can be. Make sure you sell the neighborhood when writing the listing and sharing it with potential millennial homebuyers. Millennials will be interested in homes within a close proximity to highways, shopping, and their work. Millennials have a strong focus on a healthy work-life balance and want to ensure their homes have easy access to what they want to do.

Take Good Pictures

As previously mentioned, Millennials are a technology-driven generation. If you don’t have pictures of your home’s listing then it will be a hard sell for a Millennial. Millennials want to be able to tour a home from the comfort of their couch; if they like the look of the home, then they will be willing to take the tour in person. This is actually a win-win for everyone as you will spend less time taking your clients to homes they simply won’t like.

Partner with Companies who Get Millennials

As a real estate agent, your reputation is extremely important. Be sure Millennials have a great experience working with you from the moment of first contact to the closing. Don’t put in all that hard work to have your reputation tattered in the end because you’ve partnered with a title company who doesn’t understand the needs of the Millennials generation. Here at Armour Settlement Services, we understand the need to be available 24/7 for your clients and our work is accurate and efficient so your reputation will stay intact.

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