Is Title Insurance Transferable?

If you’re in the process of transferring property to someone else, you may be wondering how this will affect your title insurance policy. Many are understandably confused by the concept, as the rules of title insurance can often be confusing. If you’re transferring property, you’ll be happy to know that most circumstances do not invalidate […]

What to Look for in a Title Company

When purchasing a home there are hundreds of decisions you have to make. Some of those decisions are easy and have little bearing on the overall process of purchasing a home. Some decisions, however, require a little more research and consideration. Choosing a title company is a big decision, because having a clean title is […]

Advice for Purchasing a Condo

Are you in the market for a condominium? These properties are incredibly popular all across the nation and for good reason. A condo, short for condominium, is a building owned by multiple people where each unit is individually owned. This type of housing environment brings a unique set of pros and cons. This means, when […]

How Does Title Insurance Protect my Investment if a Claim Arises?

Buying a home is complicated enough before having to worry about title insurance. There’s so much that goes into closing on a home and it can all be very confusing. You know you should get title insurance, but you’re not exactly sure how it works. Here at Armour Settlement Services, we’ve created this guide to […]