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When purchasing a home there are hundreds of decisions you have to make. Some of those decisions are easy and have little bearing on the overall process of purchasing a home. Some decisions, however, require a little more research and consideration.

Choosing a title company is a big decision, because having a clean title is an important part of a smooth sale. But how do you select a title company? Let’s look at some ways to narrow down the search and make a good decision.

Good Reviews

Looking for reviews and recommendations is by far the most important thing you can do to narrow down your title company search. Do you have friends or relatives who recently bought a home? Ask them what title company they used, and if they were happy with the transaction. Likewise, searching online for reviews can help you see if the company has a good reputation and happy customers, or if you’d be better off working with another company.

Honesty and Transparency

A good title company should be open and transparent with you about their findings on your title. Ask potential companies if they will share any and all findings with you on the title to your property. Likewise, the company should be willing to disclose their escrow practices with you, as they will be managing your escrow account.


As with any company, experience is important. When looking for a company to purchase title insurance from, look for good reviews but also for years of experience. Also look for any relevant certifications/trainings/etc. While experience isn’t everything, it is an important factor to consider.


Title companies are monitored by the state for compliance on their insurance practices, so make sure to choose a company in compliance with the rules and regulations put in place by your state. While all title companies are required to comply, some are more strict with their compliance than others. In this case, it is best to look for a company that is in strict compliance with state regulations.

If you are in the market to purchase a home and are in need of a nationwide title company, look no further than Armour Title Services. We are happy to discuss our reviews, practices, experience and regulatory compliance with you. Call us today to discuss your insurance options at (1-877-TITLE-30) or visit us at our website.

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