Why Should Someone Hire your Mortgage Brokerage?

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As a mortgage broker, your business relies heavily on marketing. Some brokers would even say they’re actually in the business of marketing more than mortgages!

Think about it, any mortgage broker can call up and say they will offer the best rates and best service… It’s nothing new. So if this isn’t why someone would hire a mortgage broker, what is the reason? Why should someone even considering hiring your mortgage lending service for their provider?

Don’t be Replaceable

The answer is simple, because you’re irreplaceable. You are going to be a part of their team which adds real value to their business. Yes, a good price is a starting point but everyone is doing it. Adding value alongside an affordable price makes you irreplaceable.

SO how do you become an irreplaceable part of a prospects team? Provide them with a solution which achieves one of, or all of, the following:

  1. Attract better quality leads
  2. Convert deals more efficiently
  3. Generate more repeat business
  4. Increase overall profits

Some of these tasks seem simpler than others. But if you can deliver even one of the above as part of your unique value proposition then guess what? You’ll have real estate agents and financial planners lining up at your door.

Offer a Beneficial Add-on, Not a Cheap Price

For example, as part of your service you could offer prospects free access to specialized industry tools for research. You’ll be paying the monthly fee; but the money you make from this client will mean it essentially pays for itself. So instead of invest marketing dollars to tell people about your lower rate, you’ve provided a service which is unique and valuable!

Another approach may be to offer cross-over marketing services. Where your marketing team works with your partners to brainstorm new ways to attract better quality leads. Or maybe your sales team takes a few hours a week to call on behalf of your real estate agent to schedule appointments.

What is Your Unique Value Proposition?

Take some time, and consider what creative or unique ways you can add value to your prospective customer’s business. By offering this unique value proposition as part of your phone call, you’ve peaked their interest to the point where they can’t simply chalk to off as just another mortgage broker.

Here at Armour Settlement Services, we are the title insurance partner who helps your business generate more profits with less time on your end. In other words, we make your job easier. For more information on our title services, give us a call today at 1-877-TITLE-30 or fill out the form on our website and we’ll get in touch with you.

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