Maryland Deed TransfersMarch, 05 2018

Title Insurance and Quitclaim Deeds

Most homeowners will have to deal with a title company and title insurance in some form or fashion during the home buying process. But what if your deed isn’t a normal deed but instead is a quitclaim deed? How will title insurance work then? In this blog post, we will cover the ins and outs […]

February, 28 2018

Questions to Ask Your Title Company

Any realtor, homebuyer, or mortgage broker has to deal with a title company at some point in the home-buying process. To ensure you are partnering with the best possible title company, be sure to ask them some questions about their service. While there are obvious considerations which come to mind, here are some of the […]

February, 21 2018

Should I Select my Own Title Company

We’re going to go ahead and save you the read—yes you should select your own title company. Now, the question is why should you select your own title company? In this post, we’ll cover why selecting your own title company is a smart idea when purchasing a home. What Does a Title Company Do? First, […]

Title Insurance for House FlippersFebruary, 13 2018

Do I Need Title Insurance When Flipping a House?

Sure would be nice to save a little money buying a rehab property right? Every penny counts! While we can’t argue with you there, it’s important that you pinch pennies where is makes cents—and title insurance is not one of those instances. Do I Really Need to Purchase Title Insurance? Recently, we were asked by […]

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