How Real Estate Agents can Attract MillennialsAugust, 18 2017

How Real Estate Agents can Attract Millennials

The Millennial generation is now the largest generation in the United States. Soon, they will begin to start purchasing homes. This means, they will become the most important market for anyone in the real estate industry. Here’s how to attract Millennials to your real estate agency. Who is a Millennial? Millennials are commonly defined as […]

July, 14 2017

Title Services for Lenders

To lenders, the most important thing is getting the loan closed on time. You want a title service dedicated to your loan closing and who has the experience to get it done efficiently and accurately. When looking for a title service, as a lender, here are some things to consider. Preparation In the loan closing […]

realestate, marketing, national, sell, ideas, 2017December, 13 2016

10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Consider in 2017

The world of real estate marketing is a constant changing environment. Don’t allow your real estate company to fall behind as your competitors begin to try new and improved marking tactics this coming year! Keep in touch – Your contacts are one of your greatest sources for referrals. Be sure everyone you deal with knows […]

October, 11 2016

Using LinkedIn as a Lender to Make More Sales

In the past, close relationships between lenders and their customers (realtors and mortgage shoppers) were largely developed over a few cups of coffee or a few cold ones. In 2016, not so much. Many professional connections previously made in person, face-to-face are now made online. A striking number are created using the social network made […]

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