6 Things to Ask Before Closing on a Home

Are you finally closing on a home? If this is your first house, you probably have a lot of questions. This entire process has been exhausting, and you’re just ready to sit at the settlement table and exchange what is necessary. However, before you’re ready to close on your home, it’s important to understand all […]

5 Tools for Mortgage Brokers in 2018

Looking for a way to set yourself apart in 2018? Use technology as a way to deliver better support and service at a more reasonable price for your clients. Here are 5 amazing tools mortgage brokers will be using in 2018 to set themselves apart from the rest. CRM Software Managing your clients has changed […]

6 Housing Trends to Watch for in 2018

It’s a complicated world, and trends change on a regular basis. As we approach the new year, we also approach a new host of hot trends and issues on the housing market. Here are six major trends that will dominate the housing market in 2018. Generation X is entering the fray. Within the next few […]

Why Should Someone Hire your Mortgage Brokerage?

As a mortgage broker, your business relies heavily on marketing. Some brokers would even say they’re actually in the business of marketing more than mortgages! Think about it, any mortgage broker can call up and say they will offer the best rates and best service… It’s nothing new. So if this isn’t why someone would […]